What is Aflaq ?
Aflaq is Freelance Services Online Marketplace where sellers can sell their services in the form of mjob or microjob. Services start from £4 onwards, however the sellers are free to choose the price the sellers wish to sell their services.

Signing up on Aflaq
Signing up on Aflaq is free. There is no cost associated in signing up and sellers can post upto 10 Freelance jobs in their profile.

Completing your Seller Profile
A seller must complete their Seller profile including their short bio, skills, country location and languages they can communicate. A Seller can complete their seller profile in the Seller dashboard they receive as soon as they login into Aflaq.

mjob status
As soon as Seller submits their mjob, they are in “Pending” state indicating that the mjob is awaiting approval from the Aflaq Admin team to be approved.

The mjob contents are verified and are approved if the mjob is deemed fit to be posted on Aflaq. If the mjob is found unsuitable, the Aflaq will recommend suggestions to the mjob. The mjob will remain in pending state unless the recommended suggestions are done by the Seller.

Aflaq reserves the right to edit the mjobs at any point for any changes. The changes done by Aflaq do not change the functionality of the mjob, however are done to improve the readability of the mjob to Aflaq users.

Once the mjob is approved by the Aflaq Admin the mjob is published and in “Active” state for everyone to view/order.

Order Status
Below are the order status as on Aflaq:

Pending – Order is submitted by the Buyer, however Order is pending payment from the Buyer.
Published – Payment received by the Buyer. Seller can now start working on the Order.
Late – Order is running late in Delivery. Seller is expected to do the first delivery within 7 days of accepting the order, unless agreed with the buyer.
Delivered – Seller delivers the order.
Finished – Order is completed. No more work needs to be done for this order.
Disputing – Order is in Dispute status. Disputes are initiated by the Buyer.
Resolved – Order is resolved of all disputes and cannot be initiated again.

Aflaq Commission
Aflaq charges a commission of 10% plus 3% for payment processing fee for each mjob. Aflaq accepts payment by Paypal and other means from the buyers and the payment processing fee is contributed towards the payment processor.

For e.g. If the mjob is priced at £10, Aflaq will deduct (10+3=)13% of £10, and the seller will receive £10.0- £1.3 = £8.7 in their Seller account.

Money Withdrawal
Money withdrawal from Aflaq can be done from within Seller’s account. The Seller needs to request a Payment withdrawal. A notification is sent to Seller’s email with a verification code. the Seller must enter the verification code in the Withdrawal screen to continue with Money withdrawal. The minimum payment a seller can withdraw is £10 USD. If the Seller decides to close the Aflaq account and there are insufficient funds to withdraw, the available balance fund will be transferred to Seller at the time of closing the account.

A Seller must wait at least 7 days after the order has been resolved to withdraw the Money from their account. Money Withdrawal is processed every Friday. Your withdrawal request received between Saturday and Thursday will be approved and payment will be processed on Friday of the Week.

Withdrawal Channels
Aflaq does not store any credit card or financial information on its website. The money withdrawal on Aflaq can be done in following ways

Paypal – In countries where Paypal allows transfer, A seller can withdraw Aflaq funds to their Paypal accounts. Sellers will bear the payment fee charged by Paypal for receiving the payment from Aflaq to Seller’s paypal acouont..

Other – In countries where Paypal is not applicable, Aflaq is currently evaluating other payment gateways to securely transfer payments to sellers through Payoneer. More transfer fee may apply depending on the payment gateway provider fee structure.

Using Aflaq Credit
A Seller can also act as a Buyer on Aflaq. The money earned by the Seller is stored using Aflaq credit balance in Seller’s account. this money can either be withdrawn by the Seller or can even be used to pay for other services offered by other Sellers on Aflaq.