Welcome to Aflaq Freelancing Platform. Aflaq offers freelancer skills for hire starting £4 onwards and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to buyers.

Aflaq is currently offering below offers:


Get £10 off every £30 spent. Use the promo code “SAVE30SEOC#” while claiming this offer. One time use by one buyer. Offer valid till 30/10/2017.

aflaq order 2jobs get3rd done free




Aflaq is offering the 3rd job free to the buyers. When you order 2 jobs, Aflaq credits you the 3rd job Free (equivalent to the least of the 3 jobs).Offer valid till 30/10/2017.

Of-course there is 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the work done, you get 100% refund back.

aflaq order 2jobs get3rd done free

Aflaq 100% Work Satisfaction Guarantee.

Aflaq offers 100% work satisfaction guarantee to the Buyers.

If for any reason a buyer is unsatisfied with the seller’s work, Aflaq offers immediate 100% refund guarantee.


Below is the Buyer Seller Workflow.

  • A is a buyer looking for a seller
  • B is a seller posting a mJob in LyfSkill.

If in case there is a dispute and the Buyer is unsatisfied with the work done by the Seller, the buyer can raise a dispute. As soon as a dispute is raised, Aflaq guarantees immediate 100% refund to the Buyer.

Both Buyers and Sellers are a very important aspect of Aflaq workflow. Aflaq will provide 100% refund to the Buyers and also work with the Sellers on an amicable friendly solution.

In an unlikely event where both the Buyer and Seller both insist on payment and refund, Aflaq will provide the same, however, will take necessary steps so it does not get repeated.

Visit the Buyer Seller Workflow for complete lifecycle.

Aflaq is committed to provide a very responsive support. For any questions of queries, please contact Aflaq using contact-us page.