Aflaq looks forward to enroll premium freelancer talent.

As a freelancer, how awesome would it be to work with some of the top global companies across the world ?  You can create your Enterprise Freelancing profile today.


How it works ?


1.) Create Freelancer profile

Freelancers create their profile.

2.) Demand

The companies contact Aflaq and confirm about the talents they need.


Global talent

3.) Perfect Match

Aflaq finds the perfect match of the required talent and confirms the profiles to its global clients meeting the demand.



 4.) Global Team

Companies shortlist Freelancers and include them as a part of their Global team.



5.) Work Collaboratively

Freelancers work collaboratively with companies at no risk and tracked time.

*Note – This is expression of interest to work on the global enterprises. This does not guarantee a freelancing job at any of the companies mentioned in this page. The logos mentioned in this page are respective trademark of the companies and may not be in partnership with Aflaq”.

It is recommended to create your Freelancer profile and post a microjob related to your Freelance talent.