Top 6 Search Engine Optimization strategies

Search Engine Optimization Strategies  in 2017 is nothing compared to what it was in the early 2000’s. The days of keyword stuffing are long gone and the SEO tactics of the previous decade are nowhere as effective in the current scenario.

However, the Search Engine Optimization strategies still continues to be a very important tool to expand the reach of your brand, and following a strategic and informed approach to SEO can be extremely fruitful for any business, including a law firm.

With every passing day, search engines are getting smarter and their algorithms more sophisticated.

Therefore, you must understand how a search engine actually works in order to create a top ranking web page.

Here are 5 SEO tips that are tried and tested by law firm SEO experts and will definitely boost your website’s traffic if implemented correctly.

1. Optimization For Mobile Devices –

It is a known fact that a majority of internet users are migrating to smartphones and tablets for browsing, which is why law firm SEO must focus on creating mobile optimized pages.

Your page not only needs to be responsive but should also provide an exceptionally smooth and distinct user experience on mobile devices to bag a higher ranking.

So declutter your website, use drop-down divs, and reduce the amount of text, but don’t just stop there.

You need to consider whether choosing a mobile first approach over a responsive approach can affect the page ranking throughout your site.

2. Modification Of The Approach For Keyword Research –

In the early days of SEO, many website owners believed that the Search Engine Optimization strategies meant the manipulation of the search engine, with the help of keyword stuffing, to get a higher page rank.

However, search engines these days are smart enough to detect such tactics to a large extent.

SEO experts suggest focusing instead on identifying the keywords that your customers tend to search for the most.

Instead of blind usage of keywords, target the queries that are most relevant to what your brand offers to the clients.

3. Improving Page Load Speed –

One of the best ways to minimize your bounce rate is to work on improving the page load speed.

As more and more users begin to use mobile data to access the Internet, the importance of page speed continues to multiply.

Avoid uploading too many high-resolution images to your website and utilize the Inspect tool in the Chrome browser to identify the biggest culprits behind speed issues.

The Timeline tab comes in handy in diagnosing performance issues pertaining to loading, scripting, and rendering.

Devoting more time to improving the speed of your website may reap better results than keyword optimization.

4. Broadening Your SEO To Other Sites –

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to improve your website’s traffic in 2017.

Partner with independent bloggers and experts in the field of law whose websites users trust when they perform their research regarding the services you offer.

Another great way to increase the digital footprint of your brand is to place targeted ads on websites that rank high for the queries your customers are most likely to type in.

Its all about broadening the reach of your SEO beyond your website to garner more attention from prospective clients.

5. Migration To HTTPs –

If you haven’t already, you must migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPs.

Switching to HTTPs is much easier today than it was a few years back and the activation of certificates for your website is pretty straightforward these days.

While Google has always encouraged the Webmasters to switch to HTTPs, it has started incentivizing secure pages greatly since 2016.

If you have an HTTP page then it may be marked as non-secure by Google, which will definitely impact your traffic in a negative manner.

Therefore, switching to HTTPs is something that will benefit your website without a doubt.

These search engine optimization tips are the ones that are proven to be effective and come with a nod from the SEO experts.


6. Image searches may be more significant than you think –

According to data from Jumpshot and Moz, Google Images accounts for a considerable number of searches, dwarfing those performed on YouTube, Google Maps, Amazon and Facebook combined.

Searches in Google Images are made more than 10 times as often as any search on Bing or Yahoo, and they represent more than 40 times the number of searches on Facebook.
Images that enhance a user’s experience are ranked better by Google

Google values relevance and quality in returning search results and thus, user experience feedback is a strong signal to Google for ranking purposes.

Thus, the more popular an image and the more clicks it gets, the higher the ranking. Below are a few tips for providing a good user experience with your images:

6.1 Good Quality Images –

It might seem obvious, but go on LinkedIn and see how many bad profile pictures people post of themselves.

A survey by Shotfarm, which distributes product images for manufacturers, found that consumers say product descriptions and images are critical to their decision-making, with the vast majority of consumers saying they are important (30 percent) or very important (63 percent).

In other words, consumers extrapolate the quality of an image to that of the product or service. So better pictures boost clicks which will boost ranking of that image.

6.2 Image Load time –

While overly large image file size hurts page load time, reducing the file size does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. There are ways to strip out unnecessary data and many online tools that can help optimize images for your website.

6.3 Image Search Optimization –

While Google doesn’t take the same liberties in cropping images in search results that they do with Google profile pics, it remains important to understand how the image will look in search results.

Images that don’t fit the more standard image ratios, such as 16:9 or 4:3, tend to be resized to fit those dimensions.

Also, images such as large group pics that lose any valuable detail when reduced to thumbnail size will likely fail to draw attention or clicks.

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